ONess Common-Webapp-Controller

ONess Common-Webapp-Controller is a module from the ONess project.

Provides common classes and resources to the webapp controller of other modules.

  • A base action that dispatchs to different methods based on action url
  • An action that populates database using dbunit database sets
  • Spring support action to get application context
  • Listener that populates application scoped beans and allows database population on startup
  • TestCase base class to allow MockStrutsTestCase and JMock work together
  • Tiles controller that switchs layout based on user browser
  • BeanUtils converters to copy properties to and from action froms
  • Project-wide internationalized messages

Switching layout based on user browser

The SwitchLayoutController class is a Tiles controller that checks user-agent http header and changes layout using simple rules and definitions from tiles configuration file.

Watch some screenshots.

To learn more check the javadoc and oness-common-webapp-view docs.