This project is no longer under development or supported, as I've been working in other stuff. You can use it as is or continue it's development (I'd be glad), but I'm not spending time on it anymore.

ONess is a sample webapp application using latest open source technologies.

Unlike Appfuse, from Matt Raible, ONess is not a start point, it's real-world modular designed app that can be used as a sample of technology integration, showing best practises, utilities and real world examples. As disadvantage ONess is not implemented in different technologies, only one in each field, but provides better integration advices, ONess is bigger than Appfuse. Something that ONess uses and Appfuse doesn't is Maven.

ONess also provides a set of reusable business components available to be used in real world apps.

Its development started as a University project in the University of A Coruña (Spain).

Contributions and donations

If you want to contribute or donate to this project to implement some specific feature, training,... contact with me.


For detailed features check the modules documentation.

  • Outstanding support for the textile commerce.
  • Party Relationship Management: persons and organizations, contact info
  • Supplier Relationship Management: purchase order - delivery docket - invoice
  • Customer Relationship Management: sale order - delivery docket - invoice
  • Inventory Management: product management, prices, stocks,...
  • User management.
  • Auditory enabled: you can see for every modification who, when and what has been changed.
  • m-commerce enabled with a PDA friendly interface.
  • Fully internationalizable with initial support for English and Spanish.

Technical Features

  • Modular, reusable and extensible design
  • Model View Controller MVC and Layers patterns
  • Powered by Maven Project managed with Maven
  • Java J2EE technologies based
  • Takes advantage of Aspect Oriented Programming, using AspectJ
  • Runs on any servlet container (tested with Tomcat)
  • JSP, Struts, JSTL, Tiles and CSS Web based interface: easy to deploy and mantain
  • Some great ideas borrowed from Matt Raible' Appfuse
  • Tested with JUnit, StrutsTestCase, DBUnit and JMock, integrated in the Spring framework
  • Easy to integrate another view, for example a standalone application
  • Powered By HIBERNATE Persistence managed with Hibernate, with extensive use of metadata API.
  • Database independence (developed with MySQL)
  • Spring Framework Powered by the Spring Framework and IoC pattern
  • Security integrated in the Spring framework managed by Acegi Security
  • Thoroughly documented
  • Only uses Open Source software
  • OSI Certified Open Source Software released under the Apache License Version 2.0

Best practises and examples useful for developers


Internet Explorer

Palm browser


Carlos SanchezONess is a project of Carlos Sanchez, Computer Engineer from the University of A Coruña (Spain) and developer in the maven-plugins project in the Apache Software Foundation.

Legal Stuff

OSI certifiedONess is OSI Certified Open Source Software released under the Apache License Version 2.0

All material on this website is Copyright 2004, Carlos Sanchez