ONess Common-Webapp-View

ONess Common-Webapp-View is a module from the ONess project.

Provides common resources to the webapp view of other modules.

  • Error pages
  • Tiles definitions specifying project wide layout
  • JavaScript files
  • CSS stylesheets (default, printer friendly and handheld friendly)
  • Images

Switching layout based on user browser

The layout of the webapps can be easily customised without touching any jsp code nor creating new jsp files, CSS stylesheets are profusely used, no annoying tables, no need for typing different urls according to the browser you're using, you can check that most of sites in the net are using different urls for pdas and other browsers, e.g. in Google you need to go to to see the palm site.

In the tiles configuration file (tiles-common-defs.xml) a controller is associated with the default layout

<definition name=".layout.defaultLayout" path="/layout/defaultLayout.jsp"            controllerClass="net.sf.oness.common.webapp.controller.tiles.SwitchLayoutController">

Adding other layouts as .layout.palmSourceLayout and configuring the tiles controller this layout automatically overrides the default, and as long as all the site uses css is very easy to remove images, reduce margins, remove javascript, ... so it can be correctly viewed in a pda browser (tested with Palm Garnet Simulator).

Other handheld devices can also take advantage of a custom layout because a stylesheet is used with parameter media="handheld".

 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="handheld" href="..." />

Some screenshots of the results in the Palm browser, you can see that logo, header, footer images and other stuff is removed.