This project is managed with Maven, so every buildtime or runtime dependency is explicitly defined. See dependencies tab in project info.



Due to license restrictions the library jta.jar can't be redistribitued by others than Sun, so you'll have to get it from elsewhere. This message posted in a mailing list can help you:

Those are all JARs which have licenses which forbid them from being distributed from You'll have to download each one and place it in your local Maven repository (on UNIX systems, this defaults to ~/.maven/repository/; on Windows, it's in the equivalent "home" directory)

In the "repository" folder, make one directory for each "groupId" -- in cases where there is no "groupId" but only an "id", make a directory with that name. Then in each of those directories, make a jars directory. A UNIX example:

cd ~/.maven/repository

mkdir -p ejb/jars

mkdir -p jdo/jars

mkdir -p jta/jars

and so on

Then, copy each of the downloaded jars into the corresponding directory. You may also need to rename the JAR in the form {artifactId}-{version}.jar, except in the case of "ejb" where the dependency overrides the naming convention.

This part is a little tricky the first time, but you only have to do it once, and it becomes pretty natural.


You'll need a servlet container as Tomcat, Jetty,...

This sofware is being tested on: