Known Issues

These are known issues affecting this project and the software used. Please read them carefully.



  • If you want to use transactions (trust me, you want) you have to use InnoDB tables, so add default-table-type=InnoDB to your mysql configuration file (my.cnf or my.ini). If you are using a MySQL version previous to 4.0 you should check to enable InnoDB.


  • As version 1.7.2 it doesn't support setting transaction isolation so it can't be used with ONess.

Other databases

  • This project uses Hibernate, so all databases from Hibernate Compatibility Guide & Supported Databases should work.
  • Tested on
    • MySQL 4.0.13-Max Windows
    • MySQL 4.0.15-Max Linux
    • PostgreSQL 7.4.5 Cygwin
    • MS SQL 2000
    • HSQLDB 1.7.2 (didn't pass the tests, see above)

For developers


  • If using CAS remove casjsp11.tld from casclient.jar to avoid tomcat warnings when loading the application


  • Be sure to use cdata="false" in html:javascript, in other way the javascript code will be ignored (tested in IE 6).

    <html:javascript formName="formName" cdata="false" staticJavascript="false"/>